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The World of Latte Art Masterclass

Start becoming a real barista!


The World of Latte Art Masterclass

Start becoming a real barista!

The World of Latte Art Masterclass

Start becoming a real barista!


Are you looking to level up your game in the world of latte art? Stop searching further, because this masterclass is designed to help coffeelovers at home and barista’s around the world to increase their latte art game and offer a better experience for your loved ones.

Some art figures might need some practice or basic latte art knowledge. Because the internet is filled with video’s about a base figure like a heart or rosetta, we only focus on figures you won’t see often. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the masterclass for?

This masterclass is designed for everyone who is getting tired of a heart, rosetta or tulip in their milk-based coffee. You want to learn more about latte art and want to share beautiful art with your loved ones. If you have access to a coffeemachine with milk steamer and want to learn more figures, then this masterclass is for you!


In this class we’ll quickly go through making your espresso and foaming up your milk. Because the World Wide Web is filled with content about steaming up milk, we choose to not go too much in depth.

The butterfly is one of my favorite pieces of latte art, just because of the simplicity of the art and the range in possibilities you can personalize it. We are starting off easy. The only thing you need to have is a pencil or tooth pick.

A very early morning is only going to start off well with coffee! with the rooster in your cup, you can start your day in style. Don’t get too afraid, it is actually very easy to make!

Who doesn’t like cats? Okay.. I do. Although I’m of a dog person, the cats in my cups are cute AF.

Be careful with this one. Although this one might look cute, it can be a dangerous one.

I don’t know for sure if these one live, what I do know is that this piece of are is very easy to make. 

Not swimming in water, but swimming in coffee. This special species is only trackable in this masterclass. 

I would recommend making this piece of art in a very strong, dark roast.

The peacock might be one of my favorite pieces of art around. This beautiful creature if a pleasure for the eye.

Famous on the internet, but shall I show you a very easy way to make them? 

Everybody knows this figure and it is very easy to make. Because the swan is one of my most requested pieces, I added the swan to my curriculum.

The sunset love tree is one of my masterpieces and a famous piece of art around. 

Who doesn’t like flowers? I am going to show you a trick to make a range of different flowers. 

Are you an evening coffee drinker? Or do you know someone who likes drinking coffee in the evenings? Then this piece of art  is perfect to make.

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